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Our Story

Like all great stories, it started with Once upon a time... LOL, not really. it started online, of course!

Like most design soulmates, we met online. In 2018, Amanda and Crystal were part of the same Facebook group. Crystal was on the hunt for a developer that would help her get projects done, so she could focus on the part she loved most, the design. Amanda reached out based on a post that was put up in the group. In the first call, we hit it off and started working together right away. As we got to talking we realized we both could use a mastermind partner, so we figured what better way to hold each other accountable on the jobs we were working on. This working relationship quickly turned into a friendship and we began talking and reaching out to each other all the time. Then, one day we got to talking and we were chatting about something we would love to do in our business, and the crazy part was we both had the same EXACT idea. This is nuts because to make the idea work we both needed each other’s area of expertise so that we could continue to work on what we love. So, a quick phone call turned into a three-hour brainstorm conversation on how to make this new business, Positively Packaged a real thing. So, you are probably wondering how Karin came into the picture. Karin and Amanda had previously met at a networking event and immediately became friends.

 Amanda hired Karin to take her branding photos. Karin was sharing a studio with another photographer who was moving to Tampa so she immediately thought of Amanda to fill this open spot since we worked so well together. So, when Amanda called and said: “do you want to start a new business with me?” Karin said yes before I even knew what the idea was. After we all talked, we all felt that this was a way for us to serve more clients than just one at a time, at a price more entrepreneurs and small business owners could afford. It was a match made in heaven for sure. We have Crystal, the design guru, Amanda, our computer nerd, and Karin our camera numbers loving chic. Which means we have the design, development, photographer, and accountant all covered. After tons of late nights, very long conversations we’ve become close friends. Did I mention that Crystal never met Amanda or Karin in person until 8 months after they created this business?!?! Positively Packaged is by far one the craziest things we’ve ever jumped into, but thankfully, it’s also one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We believe our packages have reimagined the way branding & website template industry functions, and we hope you’ll soon agree. 


Meet The Team

Amanda Laurence

Our resident computer nerd, the funny nerdy girl

Crystal Sullivan

The lover of all things design and pretty.

Karin Charleston

Our click happy camera loving numbers girl.

Life outside the laptop

Don’t get me wrong, we're passionate about what we do but our true loves lie outside the laptop.

Amanda Crystal Karin
LOCATION Florida Pennsylvania Florida
HAPPY PLACE Disney World The Beach Anywhere with my friends!
Usually someplace warm and sunny!
GUILTY PLEASURE Sunday mornings curled up with
a good book, and good coffee.
Singing in my car I love to bake and sample my goods.
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT My Macbook Pro. My phone My camera, my phone and my dog
COFFEE OR TEA Coffee, I have if shipped
in from Canada!
Tea Both!
MAC OR PC 100% Mac Mac PC for now
FAVORITE CANDLE SCENT Cheirosa '62 Anything Christmas citrus scents
FAVORITE BOOK The Harry Potter Series. Too many, I guess, The Charge love too many to pick just one.